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Gardens Illustrated Magazine

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Gardens Illustrated Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

APR 24,  released 02/04/2024
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Features: Tulips, Free Seeds

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Next Issue: MAY 24, Due:26/04/2024
Garden news, Nurseryman’s favourites, Shopping and Gardener’s notes, amongst historical feature articles, product reviews, design advice and more! Gardens Illustrated is a bright magazine keeping gardeners up to date with vital information on flowers, shrubs, fruit and veg, and how best to grow each one. There are recipes, stunning design examples and the kings and queens of garden style from various places of beauty in the United Kingdom. Gardens Illustrated takes readers on a journey through some of the most gorgeous gardens blooming right now!

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Gardening as an activity is monumentally therapeutic and rewarding, but merely surrounding oneself with greenery is beneficial. Seems obvious, but we do need plants to survive, and to be looking at something so natural and so pretty really can’t be a bad thing. In the same way that you can choose your favourite colours to wear, or decorate your house with, same goes for your garden. No matter what size, there are always thousands of options to concoct your perfect scene and colour rage. Having grown up on a farm in Wiltshire, my favourite gardens are an array of wild and colourful flowers with slightly overgrown ivy and/or roses clambering up old stone walls and a scrubby little vegetable patch with a scarecrow. For others, it’s a well designed section of art, with clear cut and colour coordinated areas of soft petals surrounded by smooth pebbles and winding pathways. Whatever your style, Gardening Illustrated is the perfect guide for helping you create that oasis that makes you proud of your hard work, and more importantly, your garden!


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