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Fieldsports Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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VOL7/3,  released 18/04/2024
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Next Issue: VOL7/4, Due:20/06/2024
A top-class publication devoted to the gentlemanly pursuits of fishing and shooting, Fieldsports provides a quarterly look at these fine sports.

Inside this well written and excellently produced magazine you will find reviews and examinations of the finest guns on the market, practical information for those keeping gundogs, coverage of fine fishing and fantastic shoots across the country as well as an excellent food and drink section featuring delicious recipes. Fieldsports also offers a wider look at the lifestyle and context of the country gent, including interviews with and features on some notable craftsmen, gamekeepers and hunters, as well as the activities themselves and a shopping section aimed at hunters and fishermen with deep pockets.

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There is an absolutely wonderful bit of phrasing to be found in the contents page of Fieldsports magazine, a section of content simply described as ‘Of General Interest’. Perhaps it is due to the unending reserves of confidence to be found within the British upper classes that they feel that there is no need to do something as effortful as cut things out that don’t quite fit in to the other categories but are pretty fascinating, don’t you know? Maybe it’s a sign of the luxury and opulence of the publication that it can simply feature whatever it pleases and still have plenty of space. Whatever it is, we love it.

Frankly, we wish more magazines could find the space for content such as that, if every mag contained a section titled ‘Stuff we found interesting but couldn’t otherwise fit in’ we would be pretty happy. Fieldsports itself is a rather spiffing publication, featuring some top quality writing and practical and useful information to go with the items ‘Of General Interest’, and is full of excellent examples of photography that capture some of the beauty of the wonderful British landscape that the fine pursuits it covers take place in, along with the wonderful detailing and craftsmanship of some of the featured guns. NB


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