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Womans Weekly Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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28/05/2024,  released 22/05/2024
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Features: Ruth Langsford, BBQ Recipes

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Next Issue: 04/06/2024, Due:29/05/2024
Womans Weekly is all about home and family and the things in life that really matter - it’s been going for over 100 years! Woman’s Weekly features inventive and creative cookery, craft, health and home ideas plus knitting, gardening and fiction for which it is famous. A great old British favourite still going strong.

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UK Woman’s Weekly magazine was launched in 1911, so it’s had it’s centenary year, which is just fantastic for Womans Weekly and the UK magazine industry in general.

It’s a magazine squarely aimed at women over 50 years old and the content reflects this from the beauty advice to the crafts ideas.

We like the fact that the real life stories in this women’s magazine are reasonably upbeat - it makes a nice change from other womens' weekly magazines (that shall remain nameless), where everything is life destroying and/or perhaps more suited to the front cover of The National Enquirer. They do like to put an awful lot of writing on the front page though…

Interesting conundrum for the publishers of these magazines though…as the magazine matures along with it’s readership, does it follow them of try and entice more younger followers? Obviously there must be a bit of both going on but you have to say that as these long running lifestyle magazines get older in the tooth they must find it harder and harder to evolve. The Lady went through a major transformation a few years ago in response to this kind of dilemma. A huge revamp of the magazine cover style and many loyal readers lost interest. However, the publication is still running so all in all we suspect it paid off.

We can respect the fact that buying an annual subscription to Womans Weekly magazine is no small outlay. That’s why we have built in the ability to buy one magazine at a time or a subscription of whatever length you like. With Newsstand you can also pause, refund or change your subscription for another magazine from any of the 3,000 + that we have available.


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