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Landscape Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 22/05/2024
(19 in stock)
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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:26/06/2024
This is a wonderful magazine, looking at your home and it’s inevitable interaction with your garden and nature beyond. Landscape magazine is perfect bound, chunky and of good quality, so a magazine to keep. With gardening tips from food provision to understanding the ins and outs of your favourite flowers. There are recipes, of both food and drink, with a wonderful country feel. This is certainly a publication with its eye on the slow paced lifestyle which we should be aspiring to, Landscape magazine will also look at areas of natural beauty around the British Isles as well of some of the traditional crafts associated.

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‘Life at nature’s pace’. So promises the cover of Landscape magazine, and who are we to argue with that?

The modern world is filled with things that happen at astonishing speed – internet signals whizz back and forth carrying skype calls, instant messaging and that hilarious picture of a cat you found that you’re sending to that special someone. Business men rush up and down the country on the motorways, flitting between meeting and meeting, often ending up with exactly the same results as if they had just stayed in bed. Bankers and investors can put in or take away money from the system in a blink of an eye, ruining the economies of entire countries before you’ve even had your shreddies.

But it wasn’t always like this. We remember a time like that of the gloriously nostalgic pages of Landscape magazine, where people ate what had grown in their garden rather than popping down the shops to buy Spanish strawberries. When people used to go for a walk like some of those detailed in Landscape, and just stroll and talk, passing the hours before a trip to the local pub, to drink ale that had taken months to brew and perfect. Let’s slow things down, take the time to appreciate the wider world and enjoy life at nature’s pace, with a copy of Landscape in hand. NB


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