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Womans Own Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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27/05/2024,  released 21/05/2024
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Features: Prince Harry

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Next Issue: 03/06/2024, Due:28/05/2024
Woman’s Own is one of Britain’s best loved woman’s weeklies, featuring news, opinions, interviews, hot celebrity gossip, and fascinating real-life stories to shock and amaze. It’s straight-up and smart, and for every woman who wants to snatch time for herself in a busy routine. It’s got fashion, diet advice, health and beauty tips, and info on what to buy – and what not to!

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First published in 1932, Woman’s Own is a long-standing favourite with women all over Britain. Famously featuring an interview with Margaret Thatcher where she expressed the now repeatedly quoted opinion that there is “no such thing” as society, Woman’s Own isn’t really about anything as dry as politics. It’s a fun frolic through all the things the modern woman wants to know about: fashion, celebrities, news, and beauty and health to keep you looking and feeling as old as you are on the inside – still a young ‘un, out for fun.

Feel fun-loving and confident, take time out of your busy day for a quick cuppa and a good read of Woman’s Own, to recharge your batteries and get you ready to take on the world, armed with plenty to chat about with your workmates and friends.

Woman’s Own magazine sponsors the Children of Courage Award, an annual award to kids who have shown special bravery, whether that’s through battling an illness, devoting themselves to help someone else, or another act of heroism.

Woman’s Own is definitely a feel-good magazine, and interests and informs at the same time as putting a smile on your face. Buy a single copy or take out a subscription and have it delivered to your door weekly, so you know you’ll never miss a copy.


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