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Sidetracked Magazine

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3 issues per year.
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Current Issue

Vol 23,  released 21/02/2022
(30+ in stock)

Features: Iceland, Egypt, United States, Karakoram, Quinn Brett

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Next Issue: Vol 24, Due:20/06/2022
An exciting new journal-style magazine, that aims to upend the traditional travel-title medium by focusing on personal journeys at some of the most extraordinary locales across the globe. At its heart Sidetracked is about turning your traditional holiday trek from mundane affairs into the adventurous outings that we all aspire our trips to be. Full of insightful advice on gear and locations to visit from the experiences of the magazines many contributors. For the hearty explorer of far-away lands looking to leave their more traditional homes completely behind for a time, Sidetracked is a magazine dedicated to the far off and exotic, not your simple and safe caravan-centred locations.

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There’s something… insane about Sidetracked. There’s really no other way to put it succinctly. So I suppose now that curiosity is peaked its best really not even to try describing it briefly but to dive right in. We’re all familiar with travel magazines that advertise potential holiday destinations or travel journals which relate the experiences of the writers. To say that Sidetracked is a melding of these two mediums is again to not do it enough credit. Rather it focuses on travel as a means to enrich the spirit through breaking the self-imposed limits we tend to place on ourselves when exploring a land foreign to ourselves. The location soon accentuates the action, communicating not simply the beauty on offer visually alone. But also showcasing what is missed in simply viewing far-spun locales as merely something to picnic at.

Its contributors fully immerse themselves in the cultures and atmosphere of the fantastic destinations they enjoy. Providing an ample insight into a places food, wildlife, stunning sights and showing the kind of unique experiences that can be drawn upon only for those that go in with an adventurous spirit. Even more inspiring are where it completely loses the plot, shattering any expectations the reader might have, indulging in some of the most bizarre things you could hope to do off in a foreign landscape. Such as surviving alone on a desert island, completely cut off from external means of help. Madness. But Sidetracked channels its pure crazy into an incredible new magazine that blows its plodding contemporaries out of the water.


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