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Real Simple Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

OCT 21,  released 20/10/2021
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Features: Autumn Trends

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Next Issue: NOV 21, Due:24/11/2021
A magazine from the US, Real Simple has also become very popular with Newsstand customers in the UK. Providing scaled down tips on running a home, from cooking to decor, it aims to ensure busy women have the tips they need for their home. Selling some 8 million copies per issue worldwide it’s a sign of the times and a very comprehensive magazine.

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This popular American home magazine can best be described as an attempt to streamline many time consuming, traditional women’s activities into the fast paced lives of today’s working women - who also have to run a household. Daunted by having to get dinner on the table? Panicking at he thought o getting the childen prepared for the ne school term? Real simple will have it covered (although how a magazine can help with the latter will remain a mystery).

It is a very tactile magazine and really well made, so will keep well on your bookshelf. It has everything you would expect from kitchen ideas to home re design tips and easy ways to make your home an inviting place to be. Holiday planning and beauty are also covered but it would be fair to say it’s mainly concerned with food recipes and ideas. Real Simple is at the very least a unique concept in our magazine portfolio.

Buy Real Simple Magazine, or wait for Real Slow Magazine?

We do, however, await with excitement for a publisher to create the exact opposite of this publication - as good as it is. Teaching today’s busy types how to slow down and create traditional things using very little but time and patience - an necessary antidote to today’s pressures, we would like to think.

Look out for Real Slow magazine, definitely coming your way at some point….and remember, walnut picklers are the new ballbreakers!

UPDATE: Someone’s only gone and done it! Delayed Gratification Magazine is now launched, it’s more slow news than slow household management, but it’s great to see all the same - we’ll try to get it stocked asap. Brilliant.


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