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Scientific American Magazine

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MAY 24,  released 17/05/2024
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Features: Feathers, Prostate Cancer

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Next Issue: JUN 24, Due:14/06/2024
Scientific American magazine covers all areas of recent news in Neuroscience, Ecology, Technology, Meteorology and Botany. Honestly, this magazine has it all. There are multiple articles discussing new discoveries and innovations, questioning in depth information we already think we know and so much more. Feature pieces on historical artefacts, medical developments and questions older than time itself are written with high levels of articulation and make for a fascinating read.

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There was one point when I thought I might like to do a module in Philosophy, but then realised how terrible I would be at it. I’m one of those infuriating people that, if a question is always debateable but always unanswerable, I just have no real interest in discussing it to the point of a heated argument. I figure, there’s no point in getting upset about something you can’t really know until the day you die, and maybe not even then! I once asked my Dad how he knew God existed, and he told me ‘faith’. I said that wasn’t actually knowing, but it did make me a little jealous of those who genuinely do have faith. To have that innate knowledge that something is up there looking out for you must be very comforting, and you would be completely without those panic moments when you wondering why anything is anything and whether you’re supposed to do something to become part of that anything. I think it is highly necessary that opposing opinions on everything are discussed, but I think it’s a shame those opinions are often clouded by anger and an inability to listen. That’s why it’s best to put it all in a magazine… Nobody can interrupt the written word!


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