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Bella Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 8,  released 20/02/2024
(13 in stock)

Features: Ant Mcpartlin, Linda Robson, Travel Special

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Next Issue: NO 9, Due:27/02/2024
Bella is a classic woman’s weekly lifestyle magazine to rival Best, Woman, and Woman’s Own. It combines insightful, often shocking true life stories with practical style and lifestyle tips and advice, as well as celebrity gossip. With a true understanding of the modern woman’s needs, Bella magazine is all you’ll want to read, all day long. Or do you have a story you want told? Submit it to Bella magazine, and get your spot in the limelight.

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Bella has everything you need to stay entertained and uplifted throughout your day – if only by the knowledge that some people’s life disasters are greater than yours! A classic women’s weekly lifestyle magazine, if you have a morbid fascination with the morbidly obsese, sexual predators or divorce horrors, or if you’re affected by a big issue, the chances are Bella magazine will cover it.

Feel some solidarity with your sisters when you buy Bella magazine, and commiserate or celebrate with them in their triumphs and tribulations. Also catch up on the latest celebrity gossip and their woes and worries as they lose weight, gain weight, gain a husband, gain kids, lose a husband, gain another kid, gain a hit single, gain (mysteriously overnight) 3 bra sizes, and lose public affection. We could be talking about any celebrity, couldn’t we folks?

But Bella is great – just the right mix of celebrity and real life, reminding you that celebrities are people too, and we love to gawk at both of them. Providing you with a talking point with your friends wherever you are, from the bus stop to the bath (we hope you’re on the phone in the bath – unless you have some very odd friends!) Bella makes sure you’re always up to date with the latest gossip and stories in the world.

Buy a single copy, or subscribe for your weekly fix of the latest woes to befall your fellow human beings.


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