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Spaceflight Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 09/11/2023
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Features: Elon Musk

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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:07/12/2023
Published by the British interplanetary society monthly, Spaceflight is an authoritative publication on the activities of international space programmes.

Like its parent organisation it disseminates new concepts and technical information relating to space flight to its readers. Containing detailed space mission reports and drawing upon the contributions of the very people who are directly involved in the development of the technologies involved, Spaceflight is intended to be appropriate for people professionally involved in the business while being open to people with a general interest in the development of the international space races.

Recent changes in the magazine also cover the commercial space projects being developed and the exciting things they may herald for future exploration.

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Spaceflight doesn’t pull any punches with the depth of its articles, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Who with either a direct involvement or general passion for space travel could have anything against all the nitty-gritty details that enable us to hurl giant slabs and tubes of metal into the heavens?

Always on the cutting edge of developments, for those who are unhappy with the portrayal of space research in mainstream media (always fun to see something that happened six months ago appearing as ‘current news’), Spaceflight is a vital resource. Rightfully knowing that it is current events that are continuously carving out new inroads for space exploration, this magazine reports on the happenings of today and not the happenings of half a year past.

Featuring astonishing at-location photography from the launch sites and research labs where history is made, Spaceflight makes sure that its readers are part of the ongoing journey of space exploration. From plans to travel once more to the moon and Mars and current fascinations such as the feasibility to snare roaming asteroids and bring them into the Earth’s orbit, current events are reported on in frank detail. For those fortunate enough to directly have a hand in this fascinating odyssey of human ingenuity and drive, and those who lend their assistance however they are able, Spaceflight is an enduring link to the very forefront of human experience.


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