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Best Of British Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

SEP 21,  released 26/08/2021
(10 in stock)

Features: Derek Griffiths, Vickers Valiant, Harry Secombe, Amanda Jane, Highgate Cemetry

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Next Issue: OCT 21, Due:30/09/2021
Proudly patriotic, Best of British magazine describes itself as the ‘UK’s Top Nostalgia Monthly’, and who are we to argue?

Each issue brings a rose-tinted look into the glorious past of this fair nation. It covers memories as diverse as steam power, motoring and dolls houses – if it was brilliant and British you can be sure that it’ll be featured. As well as a fascinating window into the past, Best of British also covers collectibles, relevant books, vintage style and fashion and has a great puzzle page, and is excellently illustrated throughout with some gorgeous new and vintage photography.

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We have a lot to be proud of, as a nation. For a country as small as ours (anyone who has ever looked at a world map will be surprised when the see just how tiny Britain really is), we used to exert a huge amount of influence on the world stage, being in control of a huge amount of it for quite some time. They used to say that the sun never truly set on the British Empire.

Nowadays, of course, empires are rightly out of fashion, with self determination and independence the most important global political states. Britain has somewhat entered a state not entirely unlike a deserved retirement – we are still involved in the affairs of the world, and respected because of our previous status, yet don’t need to take too active a role in all that’s going on. We can keep our toes in the water of international politics, but not be blamed when it all goes wrong.

A look back at the past of the country however, such as may be found in Best of British, is a highly important and interesting thing. We shouldn’t hide away our history, but take pride in it, admit the shameful parts but celebrate the wonderful. NB


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