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World Finance Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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WINTER,  released 15/12/2023
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Next Issue: SUMMER, Due:12/07/2024
A pioneer in the realm of financial magazines, World Finance is released bi-monthly out of its publishing house, World News Media, here in the UK. As the self-described ‘voice of the market’, World Finance keeps a tight watch on international markets and the forces that buoy or disrupt them. Through the contributions of leading economists, business leaders and policy makers, World Finance magazine is one of the few titles out there fully able to comprehend the intricacies of the market and the forces that are ever buffeting it.

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It is truly maddening to run a business in any financial climate as any business owner, or anyone with even a tangential interest in economic matters can attest to. More so when the reality of the market is that it is ever shifting and moulding itself as it is tugged every which-way by interests that seek to exert ever increasing influence over it, lessening the potential of at truly free market. Thankfully we have access to stellar publications such as World Finance who are well versed in navigating these stormy waters.

For the expertise of this title, its contributors and professionals no economic tangle is too muddled as to not be analysed. Bringing what surely amounts to centuries of effective man-hours of experience to the fold in every issue, World Finance is the essential guide to staring through the looking glass of current economic events and hoping to glean anything clearly.


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