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Make Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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05,  released 21/12/2020
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Features: Digital Fabrication

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Fantastic US magazine that is a real favourite here at Newsstand, Make magazine is devoted to the philosophy of Do it Yourself.

This small sized but content filled magazine is packed full of fantastic ideas to try out at home, covering the different areas of electronics, woodwork, metalwork and more. You will find around 20 or more projects in each issue, all thoroughly explained and illustrated with step by step guides. This magazine also covers the build it yourself culture, with interviews with creators and designers and opinion pieces. Perfect for dad and kids of all ages.

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We absolutely love the philosophy behind Make magazine. Too often nowadays we are afraid of getting properly stuck into a project. When we buy things such as gadgets and devices, you normally void the warranty by having a bit of a tinker, and even if you wouldn’t everything nowadays is packaged away in plastic, meaning you can’t get at it to see how it works.

This is a terrible shame. How will we ever have a generation of kids curious about how the world around them works if we cut them off from having a bit of a play? Make realises this, and offers an array of practical and fun projects involving technology to try and make at home. This magazine should be required reading for dads – what better way to spend time with your son or daughter than to take up a project and actually create something? It’s wonderfully rewarding and fun, as the Americans might say, for all the family.

Of course, we are not outright suggesting that any kids reading this should go and play around with the mains – Kids: Electricity, Just Say No – but that it is probably the best way for any father (or mother) to bond with their kids and encourage useful skills and creativity. Plus you get to make cool stuff. Everyone’s a winner. NB


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