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Lindys Fantasy Football Magazine

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Lindys Fantasy Football Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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2023 N2,  released 18/08/2023
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Do you think that you can go one better than the professional coaches? Do you want to try to pick the best imaginary American football team on the planet from one of the many fantasy football leagues out there, and fancy a little scouting help? Then Lindys Fantasy Football is for you.

This yearly US publication offers complete scouting reports on every player in the NFL, with predictions of their likely achievements, recommendations, hot picks and tons of stats. Get the inside track on who to pick in this comprehensive fantasy guide – and if you simply love a bit of NFL then you’ll enjoy the analysis of the players.

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Who doesn’t love the idea of picking a fantasy team for their favourite sport? There may be those with their fancy coaching qualifications, their managerial attitudes and their million-dollar wages, but there’s nothing to compare with the inside knowledge and passion of a true fan of the sport.

Until we earn enough money to actually buy a sports team – the plan is in fact to buy two in different sports, say baseball and cricket, and switch them around so that they’re each playing the wrong sport, something that should be hilariously entertaining – we are going to have to settle for simply picking a fantasy team. You know the drill – you have a certain amount of money or points, and you pick from the roster of real athletes to form a super-team of your own devising, with the players scoring points for their performances.

The best thing to do with these is get a bunch of friends together to form a league, stick £50 each in the pot and someone becomes a winner. We guarantee that you’ll be following the sport a lot more closely when there’s pride and a little cash a stake. And if you are playing fantasy American football, well, it’s Lindy’s Fantasy Football that gets you the inside knowledge. NB


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