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Wired Usa Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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MAY-JUN,  released 26/04/2024
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Features: Nvidia

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Next Issue: JUN-JUL, Due:09/07/2024
For geeks and technofetishists everywhere, Wired USA is the ultimate magazine for the technological age. Keeping you up to date with every new gadget and innovation in the technological world, Wired USA stays one step ahead of the mainstream, bringing you news of advances and products that are always cutting edge. With in depth commentary on techie culture and well researched and factually correct articles, Wired USA is the pinnacle of American technological journalism.

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Now Wired is an interesting one. Like siblings who can’t get along, in the past there has been some considerable friction between Wired.com and the Wired magazine. The squabble is all on the internet. And a lot of sceptics will be asking, why run a print magazine about technology when the technology can tell you about technology? Why not just run to the website?

Well, as one blog commenter pointed out, the articles in the magazine are qualitatively different from the posts on the blog and the news on the website. Wired USA magazine is technology journalism: a monthly collection of reports not just on the latest technological advances but with insider commentaries on techie culture, in an engaging, well-researched and well-written format that, no matter how superior a blogger’s skill, you just don’t have time for when you’re posting on the web.

Reading Wired USA magazine is like fusing two worlds: you’re still immersed in the world of technology, but you’re holding this strange anachronism: paper. There’s a rustle when you turn the pages that isn’t digitally produced. And your eyes aren’t aching from staring at a screen, and when you read it in the bath, you have the reassuring knowledge that dropping it in the water won’t kill you.

Subscribe now not to miss the detailed, informed and in depth commentary from the journalists of Wired USA magazine. Remember: this is the USA magazine, now with 24% more Science than Wired UK!


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