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Another Escape Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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Current Issue

Issue 13,  released 06/11/2019
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Features: Sustainable Living, Outdoors, Belonging, Planetary Perspective

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Next Issue: Issue 14, Due:06/05/2020
The Belonging Volume

The Belonging Volume takes a planetary perspective to reflect on the significance of our existence and that of the intricate network of ecosystems we inhabit. It explores how intimate knowledge of nature can enable us to feel at home outdoors, and how finding wonder in our everyday lives can profoundly impact our worldview. It listens to the voices of the younger generation and ruminates on the concept of intergenerational equity, and it hears stories of collective action to tackle some of today’s most pressing issues. It inspires us to humbly step back from our anthropogenic view on the world so we may find belonging in nature and come home to ourselves.

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To create the perfect moment for reading Another Escape, we would imagine the following; a comfy armchair, an hour stolen from the busy world and a cup (or glass) of something warming. Of course, perfect reading fantasies may vary from person to person, but this isn’t actually important, as all your attention will be on the magazine.

Another Escape is a magazine where you want to turn off the computer, TV and phone, tell work that you are very out of office, give the kids some money to see a film, and settle down and read. Not because it’s difficult, or hard going, but because you won’t want to be distracted.

Creativity is admittedly a fairly broad theme to base a magazine on, but Another Escape takes the concept and explores it by talking to some fascinating people, going to extra-ordinary places and looking at the vast array of creativity that’s out there.

Another Escape is extremely well designed and produced, with excellent photography and a careful, well measured weight to the writing. As a result it has a refreshing timeless quality (something often missing in this throwaway, consumable world) which means that we will be looking forward to adding each issue to our bookshelves.


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