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Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine

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52 issues per year.
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11/10/2021,  released 22/10/2021
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Features: Cryptocurrency, Tether, Inspector Gadget

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Next Issue: 18/10/2021, Due:29/10/2021
The European edition of one of the world’s leading business publications, Bloomberg Business Week magazine is a weekly publication devoted to business worldwide.

Each issue is full of news and views about the world’s markets, from opinion pieces about policy, global economics and more through to examinations of new technology and the markets it opens up, and insightful analysis of the performance of the global markets and finance. Bloomberg Business Week is written by experts with years of experience, and brings you everything anyone involved in the world of business needs to know, being an intelligent, thought provoking and fantastic insight into the world through an economic perspective.

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The world of business is, as everyone no doubt knows, an incredibly fast moving thing. A company can go from start-up through to success and then failure in almost less time than it takes to type these words – perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but the point behind it is true.

As technology develops we not only discover ways to do things better, we also find methods to do things faster as well. Transport, communications and more have all increased to the point where things happen on demand, rather than a day or two after they are needed. A large part of this is down to the internet. It is pretty much impossible to imagine a world without the internet nowadays, and doing so is a scary proposition. Businesses would lose massive amounts of their markets, lose touch with their customers, and even struggle to communicate within themselves. Only twenty or thirty years ago the internet was still in its infancy, and no doubt many people did not take it all that seriously. We can’t help but wonder what the next game-changing technology to develop will be, but you can be sure that you will read about it first in Bloomberg Business Week. NB


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