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Peace News Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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Current Issue

10,  released 06/10/2023
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Features: Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky

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A really rather lovely and idealistic idea for a publication, Peace News approaches current affairs across the world from a non-violent revolutionary perspective.

Inside this monthly newspaper you will find excellent coverage of the important news across the world and with a particular focus on the UK. Peace News also covers the important green news, and anywhere where peace is being sought in an unwelcoming atmosphere. Also features interviews with leading intellectuals, editorial and opinion columns, up-coming events, fiction and reviews of the most important books to have been recently released. Perfect for the pacifist revolutionaries amongst you.

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We are pretty firmly opposed to war here at Newsstand. You may think that it matters not whether an online newsagent, even one as wonderful as ours, takes a stance on matters of violence and non-violence, but let us tell you – it’s a hugely competitive world out there in the magazine market. There’s a more than fair chance of coming back with a black eye and a bloody nose as we attempt to sort out contracts before our bitter rivals do.

Nevertheless we practice the art of non-violent revolution, namely getting there before our rivals do and securing a better deal for everyone concerned – particularly you. We applaud the pacifist perspective of Peace News, and frankly feel that the world would be a far happier place if more people subscribed to the notion of peace.

The world needs changing. That’s a fact, plain and simple – there are far too many wars, too many brutal dictators and oppressive regimes out there. We should not seek to topple them by force, however tempting that might be, as then we would be no better than them (and no better than America). Instead, the world can change slowly but irreversibly towards a land of freedom and good living conditions. And cake, cake for all. NB


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