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Cricketer Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 14/06/2024
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Features: James Anderson, David Gower, Mike Brearley, Reece Topley, David Wiese

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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:12/07/2024
As the subtitle says, this is the worlds no.1 cricket magazine. The Cricketer Magazine (a joining of the old Cricketer magazine and the Wisden Cricketer) is the most definitive and authoritative cricket magazine on the market.

Inside we find interviews with the leading world cricketers, and great features on the state of the game and its future written by the best cricket writers alive today. There are articles written by players both former and current, offering unparalleled insight into the inner workings of the game, as well as tips from international players on how to up your game. Whether you follow the domestic game in England, or want a more world-oriented view, the Cricketer has got you covered.

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We don’t like cricket, we love it. So goes the now familiar strains of the opening sounds of Sky’s coverage of the game. Or, if you’re a traditionalist and prefer the classic opening of Radio Four’s broadcasts, Soul Limbo – da da da, da da da, da da da, da da da-da daaaa… (that one doesn’t work quite so well in written form, I’ll admit)

In all seriousness, cricket is really a quite wonderful sport as anyone lucky enough to see David Gower play will testify to. Whilst football and rugby must shiver through the cruel winter months filled with ice, rain, sleet, snow, fog and an uncountable amount of mud, cricket is played in the glorious summer sunshine. Imagine yourself now, free from the office where you are working, sun warming your back, bees lazily buzzing through the air as you gently amble up to the crease and let loose your slow-medium fast bowling, aiming to get out that brute of a blacksmith from the next village over’s team. Inevitably you get walloped for six, but it really, really doesn’t matter. After all, in an hour or two you can relax in the shade of a cooling evening, pint in hand, and congratulate yourself on a day well spent. Any sport where you can spend one innings essentially sitting down until it is your turn to bat, and then spend the other innings wandering around in a field in the summer is alright by us. NB


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