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Practical Boatowner Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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SUMMER,  released 06/06/2024
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Features: Rig Care

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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:04/07/2024
A magazine that well knows its target audience, Practical Boat Owner is the leading source of advice for yachtsmen and women.

This magazine is simply brimming with useful advice on everything boat related. In Practical Boat Owner you can find help with maintenance, the latest news, detailed guides to DIY modifications and improvements as well as details of the best place to go sailing and reviews of recently released boats and equipment from tools to clothes. Launched in 1967, this astonishingly informative mag also covers the yachting lifestyle and is full of excellently shot images illustrating the informative articles.

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Sailing really is proper boating, isn’t it? After all, any mug can slap an outboard on something that floats and get it to move, churning up the water and no doubt leaving a trail of fuel and oil as they do so. Sailing, on the other hand, takes skill and patience to learn, and dedication to master.

As well as requiring a certain level of expertise, sailing is also wonderfully elegant yet simple in its nature. Where other forms of propulsion seem to be a fight against nature, forcing through the air against its will, sailing is altogether more harmonious with the natural world, harnessing the power of the wind in a complicated yet overall simple manner. It is no small surprise that sailing has been around for thousands of years, and invented independently by many different cultures, as it represents an intelligent yet obvious solution to travelling on water.

The only problem comes when you try to travel where the wind does not wish you too. When people first tried to navigate the coast of what is now South Africa, the currents and winds meant that the ships had to head west almost to Brazil before they could catch the correct combination to take them past the Cape of Good Hope and onto a world of exotic spices. NB


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