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Delicious Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

JUN 24,  released 31/05/2024
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Features: Strawberries, Food Recipes, Nicola Lamb

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Next Issue: JUL 24, Due:02/07/2024
Every issue of Delicious magazine will provide readers with amazing new recipes as well as clever ways to save money and reduce your food shopping bills. The magazine will regularly feature exciting new menus from top celebrity chefs. There is a strong focus on eating healthily as well as eating for fun. There will be regular features on how to throw the best dinner parties as well as cooking and baking that kids will enjoy getting involved with.

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We made the silly mistake of reading this magazine before our lunch breaks! We won’t be making that mistake again! We definitely fancy having a nibble of every single recipe shown in this magazine. All the images look enticing and delicious.

A great thing about Delicious magazine is that it will often create a number of different recipes from one cheap ingredient to show readers that they can make sumptuous meals out of whatever leftovers they may have in the fridge. This would be a lifesaver for those people looking to save some money. Sadly everything seems to be getting more expensive these days and useful money saving ideas are always welcome.

The dessert recipe sections look amazing. We think that budding bakers will enjoy the different recipes on offer in Delicious magazine. The magazine will often be themed on seasonal produce or holidays. This allows readers to experiment with the seasonal food available and in turn makes all the recipes easy to follow.

There is an emphasis on hearty home cooked food that is both delicious and good for you. Frankly we like that fact the magazine is pushing readers to make their own healthy food as this will ultimately take people away from the quick fix solution of fast food which is really not good for anyone.


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