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Esquire Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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SUMMER,  released 12/05/2022
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Features: Elvis Presley, Danny Boyle

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Esquire magazine is the discerning man’s lifestyle magazine. Addressing the entertainment requirements and values of the modern man with wit and sophistication, Esquire is a magazine with cut and thrust, and none of the tackiness and banality of many women’s lifestyle magazines. Very chunky and printed on high quality paper, Esquire magazine is a complete stylish package for every man with brains, taste, and a good sense of irony.

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The first thing I saw when I flicked through this magazine was the problem pages. Actually, when I see a women’s magazine it’s also the problem pages I flick through. There’s a certain horrified enjoyment in discovering the myriad of ways a woman’s vagina can malfunction. So I turn to Esquire’s problem pages, and what do I find there? A malfunctioning vagina! Yes, a poor old chap at his wit’s end had written in for advice…

Tanya Gold, Esquire’s Agony Aunt extraordinaire, tears this poor old chap a new one, with the most scathing and witty diatribe I’ve ever read in a lifestyle magazine (or maybe the only one). She does have a point though. All he needed to do was open the door to the shower cubicle and push her in. But don’t think this magazine is crass: it isn’t, it has some serious style and class. It’s just also got a sense of humour, which you can’t say for many magazines with “style and class”. And what else does it have? Instructions for hypnotising a chicken - a skill Withnail would have put to excellent use. Buy it. Subscribe. Seriously.


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