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Earthmovers Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 24,  released 03/05/2024
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Features: Forestry Machinery

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Next Issue: JUL 24, Due:07/06/2024
Quite simply the definitive guide to industrial plant and machinery out there, Earthmovers covers all manner of mighty machines.

Earthmovers features first impressions of the latest releases of diggers, excavators, loaders and more, visits to sites across the country and hands-on first drives of all newest products from the likes of Caterpillar and JCB. You will also find all the latest industrial machinery news, examination of legal matters, features examining new technology, profiles of the fleets of different companies across the UK and coverage of the miniature plant scene. This can all be found in a well designed and superbly photographed magazine.

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There’s something reassuring about the size and power of a good honest Earthmover. Perhaps it’s the feeling of man’s conquering and taming of the planet and the landscape, of taking the world as it is and reshaping it to our desires.

Arguably this is something that has been one of the biggest distinguishing factors between humans and animals. Animals are content to live in a habitat, doing the best they can to survive, maybe making a little nest or digging a small hole to make things more bearable. We, however, are willing to reshape the land to our demands. From the earliest Iron age hill fort with accompanying ditch, through to massive Roman fortifications and engineering projects, it is an incredibly human thing to look at the wondrous world of nature and think ‘how can we improve this to make ourselves more comfortable’. <br.
It is no surprise given the predilection we have for reshaping the world, that the largest land vehicle on the planet is a opencast mining machine – the Bagger 288. Weighing in at a whopping 45,500 tons, ad over 300ft tall and 700 ft long, it is a triumph of engineering and man’s ability to move massive amount of earth to achieve our desires. NB


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