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Hi Fi Plus Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 225,  released 02/11/2023
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Next Issue: NO 226, Due:07/12/2023

In the latest issue: Why the new ART88 is conrad-johnson’s best preamp ever, plus a top notch A-2 integrated amp from the Japanese legend SOULNOTE.

HI FI Plus is a bi-monthly magazine that is serious about all things concerned with Hi-fi. The articles are intended to assist readers with getting the best from their system. The review sections are extensive and will only cover products that the writers think are worthwhile. The reader will also find that there are key features with loads of reviews on music and musicians as well as new designs and collectable vinyl. The music reviews will be based on new releases as well as older titles

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This magazine is the ideal publication for the modern man or woman who is obsessed with the new gadgets and technology particularly in the Hi Fi sector. Its mantra is ‘reproducing the recorded arts’. This magazine focuses on the best ways that readers can kit themselves out for the best music and audio experience possible.

With so many new technologies out there it can be a pretty daunting market to get involved with. The future of gadgets of this nature is relatively unknown, with all the new releases and continuing circles of technology. Trends of equipment seem to go around like fashion trends, such as the rise (again) of Vinyl and gramophones in recent years. Readers will be able to get a sense of which equipment to hold on too and which new gadget they have to get their hands on in order not to miss out.

Hands up who has been into a huge gadget and technology store recently and felt entirely at a loss? Sales assistants can overpower you will technical jargon and confusing terminology, it frankly makes us want to run out of the store screaming! With the help of Hi Fi plus magazine situations like this will be thing of the past. It explains everything in brilliant plain English so readers know exactly what they are looking for and exactly what they want. We dare you to go up to the next store assistant and surprise them (maybe freak them out a bit!) with your new found technology knowledge. Hi Fi Plus will leave you laughing like a Bond Villain about how delightfully the tables have turned!


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