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Motorboat And Yachting Magazine

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Motorboat And Yachting Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 22,  released 05/05/2022
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Features: UK Cruising

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Next Issue: JUL 22, Due:02/06/2022
A luxuriously high-class publication, self described as Europe’s best motor boat magazine. Motorboat & Yachting magazine brings you the lowdown on these most opulent of vehicles.

Whether cruising in the Med in a little 50 footer or roaring across the open sea in a mighty motorboat, this magazine is all about the boats and lifestyle of the owners. Filled with reports and tests of new boat releases, equipment and clothing to keep you warm and dry, where to take your boat and expert advice on seamanship and taking care of your vessel, whatever the size we are confident this magazine will float your boat.

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The motorboating lifestyle really appeals to me. We’ll have none of that pleasantly rowing back and forth, no that seems like far too much effort. Instead we’ll cruise the world in our luxurious yet astonishingly speedy home upon the sea, visiting places of great culture, experience opera, theatre and more and afterwards retire to our gently rocking home away from home. Well, a fellow can dream can’t he?

Perhaps we’ll work hard, save up our money and some day we’ll be able to afford a tiny, tiny boat with which to sail the high seas. We’ll scurry from port to port, exploring strange new worlds and exotic cultures, seeing amazing vistas and breath-taking panoramas. We’ll become grizzled seamen, sporting full beards and able to live for a month off only a solitary albatross. We’ll know the in-and-outs of sailing backwards and forwards and upside down.

Until, inevitably, a great big wave comes along and sweeps us down to the very bottom of the sea. But it won’t matter, we’ll have escaped the rat race and lived an adventurous, fulfilling life. Hold on. What do you mean that the vast majority of people who own these are already incredibly rich and can afford pretty much whatever they want? Well I must say, that makes my dream feel a little less worthwhile. NB


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