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Nursing Times Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 24,  released 12/06/2024
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Next Issue: JUL 24, Due:10/07/2024
A fantastic quality weekly nursing publication, Nursing Times is the leading UK nursing trade magazine that offers and informed and intelligent perspective onto the world of care.

Each issue of this thoughtful and well-written magazine brings you the latest news from the week, covering policy and its implementation and effect on nursing as well as coverage of other developments. There is comprehensive coverage of nursing in practice, containing comment, discussion, case studies and reviews of particular situations and topics that offer helpful guidance and practical ideas to improve nursing standards. An excellent magazine that no nurse should be without.

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We have a huge amount of respect for nurses here at Newsstand. Not only do they work an impressive number of hours, dealing with situations and circumstances that most of us couldn’t face up to, they do so with good humour and a smile. They have to deal with all kinds of things that we would rather not, and to deal with people who aren’t necessarily always aware or happy to be taken care of. Nursing is an incredibly stressful and challenging job, and as such we would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the hardworking nurses out there.

Now, back when I was still but a young fellow, looking forward to a life spent writing about magazines, I was preparing for an A-Level exam when I started to feel a tad unwell. This wasn’t the usual pre-exam jitters, nor some cunning attempt to escape having to do an exam, but instead the incredibly poorly timed onset of appendicitis. After being diagnosed, I was rushed to the hospital and underwent an appendectomy. Now, being a young and naïve lad I thought to myself, hmm, here’s a chance to see what nurses actually look like, give that according to television they are all really quite stunning. It was quite a surprise, therefore, to learn that the nurse who would be taking care of me was a middle aged Scottish bloke called Gary! I’ll tell you what though, he was professional and caring, and a wonderful example of a dedicated and excellent profession. NB


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