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History Of War Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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NO 134,  released 06/06/2024
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Next Issue: NO 135, Due:04/07/2024
A magazine dedicated to exploring history through the angle that most excites schoolchildren and adults alike: war. Often given short-shrift in history classes, and likewise glossed over in only the flimsiest details on television short of documentaries, History of War recognises the vital part that conflict has in shaping the development of nations. Whether defending our own borders or those or those of our allies. Crushing enemy forces or being crushed in kind. War has shaped families, dynasties, empires and even the smallest conflicts have had irreparable effects on the international order. For both the military and generic history enthusiast, History of War is a magazine that dives right into the heart of both classic conflicts and more obscure clashes and the effects they have had which are surprisingly less well known than common knowledge would have us assume.

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War is a curiosity as far as history is concerned. Great warriors and leaders become national heroes for their ability to kill or lead those who are killed. It is loathed for the effects it has in the casualties at home but loved for its ability to forge a national sense of purpose and brotherhood even in divided societies. Segmented as the international order has been into semi-permeable nation-states of various makeups and ideologies, it is hardly surprising that force, or the threat of force, is a driving factor in both international relations and in how a country governs itself.

As fun and sordid as the details of conflict can be, as well as humbling and depressing when the scope and tragedy of war can be carried across so well, it is the magazines appreciation of war within the wider scope of history that makes it such a gem. Alongside its fascinating coverage of the play-by-play moments of wars both between nations and within them, it is the balance of research that show how wars are not bubbled events but grand events that truly drive the uniqueness of this title home. It does not deviate from the conflicts themselves but makes its readers well aware of the framework that they took place within. The machinations of ego-driven leaders, inflamed populations, heroic individuals and righteous players, war is an aspect of history that is deserving of its own focus. Not simply to entertain those readers who are less entertained by bloodless descriptions of history, but also to drive home an appreciation for the effects that these conflicts have had in shaping our fortunes both in the past and now.


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