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Bbc Countryfile Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 10/07/2024
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Features: Brighton, Bangor, Flower Farms, Wordless Walking, Surf Beaches

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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:08/08/2024
The magazine counterpart to the nation’s favourite countryside show. BBC Country File magazine is a perfect fit for anyone with an interest in the great British outdoors.

An excellent accompaniment to the much-loved TV show, BBC Country File brings you everything related to nature and the environment. Whether you want to know where to go for a walk, where to visit, great British foods or just about anything for a great day out, you’ll find it in here. There are contributions from the likes of John Craven, Julia Bradbury and Matt Baker, bringing you their personal insights into our beautiful countryside.

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We can sometimes have slightly mixed feelings about the British countryside; after all, we don’t have any world beating features in terms of height, distance or extravagance. There are no truly exotic or deadly animals, and no extremes of temperature. But, then, that really wouldn’t be British now, would it?

In all truth we love how the British countryside reflects perfectly the people who live in it. Whether this be the gentle rolling Yorkshire Dales, the fens and broads of Norfolk, the distant and cragged mountainous terrain of the Scottish Highlands or the patchworks of fields and hedges that characterise rural Britain. Nature in Britain means something homely, something comfortable and familiar, gentle and reassuring. Despite this there really is no lack of astonishingly beautiful moments, views and places to visit. Packed into out little realm is far, far more than any state in America could dream of having.

When people went off to fight for our country, did they do it for the love of the soot-stained and smog smothered cities? No they did it for the rural idyll, that utopian, peaceful, perhaps half imaginary but somehow undeniably British countryside was what lifted their spirits. Excuse us there, we came over all patriotic for a moment. NB


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