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Motor Sport Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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AUG 22,  released 22/06/2022
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Features: British GP

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Next Issue: SEP 22, Due:20/07/2022
The leading voice on all things powered by an engine, whatever form that may take, MotorSport magazine is perfect for those racing aficionados out there.

MotorSport has been running since 1924, though never idling, meaning that it has been brining you everything that is fast and on a road for nearly 90 years. Inside this high-quality publication you will find insightful and intelligently written articles by some of the leading names in motorsport journalism, features, views and interviews with some leading drivers and personalities, as well as an examination of the history of Motorsport. MotorSport magazine covers Formula 1, Sports Car racing, Motorcycles, Road cars and more, making it an essential read for those with a need for speed.

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We can’t help but wonder whether those who invented and developed the internal combustion engine could ever have foreseen where it would end up. Today the petrol engine can power pretty much everything, from go-karts to buses, Formula 1 to lorries. It must have been seen, however, that mankind would end up racing them.

It is an incredibly human thing, to wan to go as fast as possible, and it is all the better if you are going faster than someone else at the same time. Perhaps it is the inherent danger of speed, the thought that you are at anytime only inches and seconds away from a crash and potential death or serious injury. It could be the competitiveness, motorsport almost as an analogy for war where teams fight it out to prove that they are better than their rivals.

Whatever it was, racing has been around for a huge time. Whenever we think of the Romans it is hard not to think of the classic scenes from movies where charioteers race in an early approximation of the Indy 500, and this was something that really happened, with leading charioteers becoming famous and wealthy. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same. NB


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