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The Plant Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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17,  released 26/11/2021
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A high-quality journal covering horticulture, Plant is a veritable treasure trove of specialised knowledge on plant cultivation. This journal gives globe-spanning exposure to those possessing the much ballyhooed green-thumb and their trials and tribulations in raising greenery of all kinds. Plant brings together the contributions of experts of the subject it is named for, alongside professional photographers, visual artists and other creators to bind together an informative and entertaining journal for growers of the local and exotic.

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To the average person, a journal on plants and how to care and nurture them, doubtlessly sounds boring. ‘Put em in the pot, place them in the sun and sprinkle some water and… there! Jobs done’. Thankfully, with Plant, this knee-jerk response to the pre-supposed simplicity of greenery has been prove wholly wrong. Featuring insightful articles on a manner of plants as well as witty takes on the less-mundane real life experiences that are spicing up horticulture with new challenges.

From the sciences of soil composition, to the realities of growing plants in some of the most socially or naturally inhospitable environments the world over. From fashionable flower arrangements, to observing the vibrancy of natural growth. Plant is a refreshingly knowledgeable look into greenery, possessing an independent bent that has allowed it to be artistic in its design and forward looking in its outlook. For plant lovers, regardless of whether this is in produce or flowery, or those seeking to broaden their outlook. This title is a rich and entertaining entry into the horticulture magazine range.


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