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Scientific American Special Magazine

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Scientific American Special Magazine

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NO 3,  released 29/09/2023
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Scientific American Mind is an incredibly insightful magazine that takes a close look at human behaviour and the reasons behind it. Learn about how the mind works, where it fails and when it tricks us into acting a certain way. Read up on everything from general mental health to coping mechanisms and memory training, and while your at it take a look at all the brain teaser quizzes and book reviews to help readers begin to understand the complex topic of the brain and its functions.

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The brain has always been something that intrigues me, which is why I went to go see a live show of Derren Brown last year. I invited my sister, but she said that she hated how easy it was for one apparently normal man to seize complete control over another human being. Which really is a scary thought. Are we as humans the susceptible to suggestion? He somehow managed to make a girl drink vinegar; convincing her it was lemonade and then proceeded to make a man believe he was temporarily paralysed.

On one of his television shows he got into a taxi in London and easily managed to make the driver forget where the London Eye was. All of these must have simple yet well researched and logical methods, but I love that he doesn’t describe it as magic. The way he can manipulate the mind is not magic, it is absolutely possible with the right understanding. Aside from making people fall asleep with a snap of the fingers, there are ways we can learn to control our minds more.

Many scientists have discovered methods for improving ones memory, for eliminating painful memories and even to increase concentration and learning capacity. It’s well known (and often exaggerated) how little of our brain we really use, so with more and more methods like this being discovered, who knows where our minds will be in one hundred years?


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