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Vman Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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Current Issue

NO 51,  released 01/09/2023
(30+ in stock)

Features: Autumn Fashion, Josh OConnor, Harris Dickinson, Park-Bo-Gum

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Next Issue: NO 52, Due:01/12/2023
Quarterly magazine established by Visionaire Publishing in 2003 and focused on the styles and fashion of men’s clothing. Armed with a complete understanding of the challenges that men face in maintaining that debonair look. V Man magazine features everything from celebrity designs right down to the stuff steadily stitched together between jobs in a dank basement. Wherever creativity and imagination surges forth from, VMan does not turn its nose at the genius of fashion innovation.

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As an offshoot of the brilliant V magazine, VMan knows its stuff when it comes down to the latest in fashion. It is both fair and unfair to compare it to its parent publication however. Like V, VMan shares the same passion for culture as expressed through fashion, the same high-quality photography and daring devil-may-care luxury style. Its focus on men’s fashion however and diverse array of contributors to every issue ensure that VMan stands on its own virtues as well.

Featuring regular appearances by a wide array of celebrities alongside a shimmering cool delivery of trends that are both popular and yet individualistic. That last one may appear to make no sense, yet VMan sells these amazing styles in a way that makes readers appreciate not only that basic thought of ‘how does this make me look?’. But also operates in such a way as to emphasise styles sense of belonging to wider culture trends while still staying unique. A truly fantastic achievement in the roll of men’s magazines, VMan continues the proud Visionaire Publishing tradition of quality fashion magazines.


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