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Truck And Driver Magazine

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Truck And Driver Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 17/11/2023
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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:15/12/2023
Quite literally everything truck-related, ever, can be found in this great UK magazine. Truck and Driver magazine is aimed squarely at those either driving HGVs or in the haulage industry.

This monthly mag covers all the truck related news in the UK, including political decisions, court and legal affairs, qualifications and industry news. It also provides great coverage of the trucking community, featuring opinion pieces, the ‘truckfests’ across the country, trips down HGV memory lane, useful tips and advice, puzzles (with prizes) reviews of new models of vans and trucks to hit the market and a fleet focus section. It also includes great feature articles full of personal insight and topical haulage issues.

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Having never worked in the haulage industry – spending our lives instead getting you the best quality magazine service that we can – we can only imagine how lonely and difficult a profession it must be. Trips are of course across many a country, and can take days if not weeks – time spent away from your family and home. Nights are spent in the sleeper cab, no doubt with a beer or two and a movie or something to keep the driver occupied, but it is a long and monotonous journey broken only by fleeting contact with other drivers. The weather, of course, is inevitably awful – rain, sleet, hail and the like, and to make things worse there is nothing more inconsiderate than the self-righteous car drivers who insist upon lurking in your blind spot.

It is no surprise, then, that there are fewer and fewer people passing their HGV qualifications, and that vacancies far outstrip supply. The things that keep trucking going, however, is the strength of the community, something is wonderfully well covered in Truck and Driver magazine. There is plenty in here to keep the most short-attention spanned of drivers fascinated, making it perfect for those mandatory breaks. Just be careful – as great as this magazine is, don’t try and read and drive, it’ll only end in tears. NB


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