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Instyle Spanish Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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23,  released 04/12/2023
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Features: Hiba Abouk

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In Style presents everything you would expect from one of the most well known women’s magazines, it has something for everyone. Fashion features, beauty advice and editorials, best buys for you and your home, special reports on current events and even some quizzes and advice pages. Get ideas on the best holiday destinations, looks, trends, movies, music artists and pretty much anything new on the scene. Aside from the multitude of interesting and quirky articles to read, there are tonnes of gorgeous pictures so you know exactly which looks are in, and which are out!

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There’s not much point in denying it. It is practically a fact that 9/10 women love shopping. For some reason, we love to make things are own, whether that be our personal style or our home. For women, there is something quite innate about expressing themselves in this extroverted way, but I often wonder why this is. When speaking the English language natively, women tend to overcorrect their grammar and accent far more than men, who in fact tend to do the exact opposite. It is suggested that men for many years have been happy to be defined by their occupation, as up until recently, it was more common for men to hang out with others they worked with. This in itself, created a sort of group identity, one which most women didn’t have, so they started using language to give themselves a sort of status, Even thought that is just a theory, it got me thinking. Could that be the same for clothes?! The gap between men and women’s language differences is narrowing, as is the desire to dress stylishly and alternatively. But perhaps it is possible that our love of dressing ourselves up or indeed, down, could be a trait handed down mother to daughter for years and years, encouraging individuality and style as a means of discovering your own personality.


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