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Bbc History Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 22,  released 09/06/2022
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Features: Russia, Russian Revolution

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Next Issue: AUG 22, Due:07/07/2022
BBC History magazine is an authoritative and informed history publication examining and re-examining key historical events, turning points in history, wider trends within history, and different eras as a whole. It publishes articles written by experts in their field on all periods of history, whether that’s Ancient Egypt, Tudor England, or the Second World War, and brings cutting-edge historical research and new theories to a wider audience in an accessible, engaging format.

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One of the most famous quotes about history, if not in history, are the words of George Santayana, who said “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Is this true? Among historians, the value of the study of history is a subject of much debate.

Granted, every person has a fascination with himself, which means every human being, as a human being, has a fascination with the history of humanity. It is interesting to us, and it is grounding and reassuring to establish where we come from: a traceable narrative acts as an anchor in the shifting seas of time. But can the study of history really shape the course of the future?

A study of the climate in which a past event occurred and the events leading up to it can infer future events, and action can be taken to alter them. For example, by examining the causes of the Great Depression, appropriate action can be taken and economic recession in modern times may be halted or reversed. In this way, the value of the study of history cannot be underestimated.

BBC History magazine presents this vital information in an engaging, exciting way, bringing to life events that have often passed out of living memory, so that we do not have to relive the past in the future. Take out a subscription and get the past through your door in the future, once a month, for as long as you want.


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