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Geographical Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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DEC 23,  released 23/11/2023
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Features: Notre Dame, Fireflies, Glowworms

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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:21/12/2023
Magazine of the Royal Geographical Society. A collection of award winning images depicting culture and wildlife from all around the world, Geographical Magazine really is a beautiful read, and money well spent. There’s a bit of everything; culture/nature based book reviews, advice on the best outdoors gear, quizzes, Q&As and articles about people and places all over the globe, from Wales to Turkmenistan. There are some fascinating pieces about natural phenomenon and travelling, and all the while prints of some of the most stunning photography we’ve ever seen.

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People generally have some form of compulsion to travel, to see the rest of the world and those that reside in it. Hence the infamous ‘gap year’ student, who will save up some pennies to go see something life changing. That may be anything, depending on the person. I know people who have gone a refurbished schools in Zambia, others who have gone to look after monkeys in Peru, or some who have gone Interrailling around Europe. Even my mother went camping in areas of Africa, sharing a campsite with a few elephants. Wherever they go, they always come back saying ‘that as the best year of my life so far.’ As we can see from the photographs in Geographical, most of the rest of the world is pretty alien to us if we’ve never experienced it. I’ve not been travelling yet, so I can only imagine how I’ll feel when I see all these thing that I’ve never known anything remotely close to. I could never say I dislike England, but it is plausible that we get sucked up into the lack of culture here, by surrounding ourselves with grey concrete and cold technology. Looking around, and then looking through the pages of Geographical, I completely understand that urge to get on a plane and just go somewhere.


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