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Nursery World Magazine

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DEC 23,  released 22/11/2023
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Next Issue: JAN 24, Due:20/12/2023
An impressively practical and authoritative fortnightly magazine, Nursery World is a publication for anyone involved in the early years community and childcare industry.

Essentially a trade journal for those involved in caring for children, and has been featuring great advice since 1925. It offers all the latest industry-relevant news, alongside excellent thought-provoking comment and opinion pieces and analysis from professionals. Nursery World also features a ‘practice’ section dealing with best practice and practical ideas within childcare, and coverage of employment issues. Also features job openings and careers news and classified ads for services.

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Kids, eh? Who’d have em? Well, pretty much everyone, and working in the Childcare sector can be a hugely rewarding job. It can of course be a hugely demanding job – those of us who don’t work in it are forever glad we don’t have to deal with clients who haven’t necessarily mastered full control of their bladder (though bringing a spare pair of trousers to a meeting wouldn’t be too much of an inconvenience we suppose…), and that we don’t have to play a role in the development of the next generation – things would likely go terribly wrong with the world if we were entrusted with the future of the planet.

We have the utmost respect for those who work in such areas. Just as with primary school teaching, there are those that scoff at the idea that it’s a hard job, suggesting that because they know more than the kids do, it should be easy. To say that is to completely miss the point. Kids are difficult to take care of sometimes – any parent knows that – and to put yourself in the line of fire from other people’s offspring, well, that takes courage. Nursery World is the high-quality fortnightly trade magazine that you deserve – full of insightful opinion and thought and practical ideas and advice. NB


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