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Damn Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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87,  released 09/04/2024
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Next Issue: 88, Due:08/08/2024
A curious yet incredibly fascinating mix of things find their way into Damn magazine. This is an English language, European based contemporary culture mag, and covers an eclectic assortment of topics.

Damn covers modern culture in all its aspects, including features on topics such as photography, design, music, art, architecture, technology and thought provoking social commentary. You never quite know what might turn up in an issue, but we can guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Damn is produced in a slightly larger than normal, A3 format, printed on excellent paper and perfect bound, making this an excellent all-round example of the magazine maker’s art.

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We are forever fascinated here at Newsstand HQ by the sheer variety of things that turn up in culture magazines. It seems that as long as you take a slightly grainy photo of it, pretty much anything can be a work of culture, and you know what? That’s a good thing.

For far too many years in the previous centuries, culture has been something perceived as belonging to the rich, to the wealthy and ‘important’ people. Those of a certain class, who had no worries about simply living and had everything handed to them on a silver spoon (or am I mixing metaphors?).

Well, no longer. Culture is something that should belong to the masses, to everyone and anyone who cares to take an interest. Art can come from the heart, music from the soul – they don’t require prestigious schools and fancy degrees, if anything not having these makes art and music more real, more grounded and connected with the real world rather than shamelessly contrived. We support culture for everyone here at Newsstand, and a fantastic step on the road to appreciating it can be found in a copy of Damn. NB


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