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Hypebeast Magazine

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4 issues per year.
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29,  released 01/05/2020
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The published magazine for the leading online destination for streetwear and contemporary men’s fashion, Hypebeast is a fashion magazine for men that engage with urban lifestyle and design. Getting down in the trenches with the most innovative new designers completely in tune with men’s street culture and music, this magazine leads the way in showcasing the latest and best in men’s fashion. Quirky and idiosyncratic, Hypebeast had its own mould and broke out of it quite spectacularly. While predominately concerned with fashion, its segments on both music and art only serve to accentuate the magazines clear grasp of street life and urban culture.

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Whenever a new magazine enters onto the scene in any given genre or market focus, there seems to be a general sliding scale that sees many magazines leading into one extreme or the other. Either they are a cheap knock-off of an existing magazine type, or are so desperate to be seen as new and different that they err far too much on the radical. In truth Hypebeast is more the latter than the former as opposed to some bizarre attempted at melding the two extremes or existing in quiet equilibrium in the centre. But its integration and appreciation of wider urban culture serves to its benefit in its coverage, bringing forth a fashion publication that is simultaneously as appropriately glossy as a men’s fashion mag can be as well as gritty and down to earth.

Fantastic photography is paired with interviews with relevant designers and examples of their work. Hypebeast is not one for trend following or trend setting, rather it exemplifies choice and subtly endorses artistry in men’s fashion while remaining practical. Tying the entire package up with art and music pieces lend to a well-balanced fashion magazine with enough twinges of culture to prevent it devolving into a bland spread of photographs alone. Its uniqueness is what makes Hypebeast such a splendid example of a men’s fashion magazine done right.


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