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Snooker Scene Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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APR 21,  released 07/04/2021
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Features: Judd Trump, John Higgins

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Next Issue: MAY 21, Due:05/05/2021
Impressively long-running snooker mag – 41 years of covering the game and counting – Snooker Scene takes a long hard look at the world of balls and baize.

This great independent mag offers fascinating insights into the world of snooker, bringing you all the latest news and views about the great game, along with all the results from tournaments worldwide. It offers interviews with established and rising stars, profiles of the greats and isn’t afraid to ask the big questions such as whether the BBC still cares about the sport. Also covering billiards and pool, the magazine itself is fairly short but nevertheless packs a lot in.

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One of the questions that Snooker Scene will never ask but we will (because we can), is that of whether snooker counts as a sport. Before you begin shouting that ‘yes, of course it is’, let’s just give it a quick bit of consideration.

Firstly – are the people doing it athletes? Here we think that it can vary a little. Some of the professionals on the circuit may not be the most svelte and athletic of human-kind, but they’re certainly a long way ahead of darts players. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to get to the very top levels, so here we think that the verdict is ‘Yes’.

Isn’t it a game rather than a sport? Ah, now that’s the interesting one. We can see the merits of the argument that of you can do it in a pub, it’s not really a sport, but that doesn’t really hold water. After all, if you were to put a long jump pit in a pub you can be sure people would have a go, and that wouldn’t invalidate it. No, snooker requires great mental acuity, forethought and planning and immaculate execution. We certainly have room in our world view for a sport based as much in the mind as the body, so snooker makes it as a sport.

Also, we actually really rather enjoy playing and watching it, and if there’s one thing we’re not, it’s impartial. NB


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