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Vioro Magazine

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3 issues per year.
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65,  released 22/09/2023
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Impressively weighty and undeniably high-class, Vioro (It) is the international bilingual Italian/English edition of Vioro, a magazine concerned with the very best in cutting edge women’s fashion, style and design.

This chunky publication brings you the very latest in style fashion and design from both Italy and worldwide. Whether you seek the trendiest clothes, latest elegant jewellery or accessories you will find it in Vioro (It). The magazine also offers features examining notable stylish people and designers and the history of stunning design and style. As well as all this, it is an exquisitely designed and produced publication, and the size means you are definitely getting value for your money.

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Vioro has wonderfully high-class, luxurious feel about it. Pretty much every page features some example of classic and elegant design, whether this be in the form of some stunning jewellery – think gold, silver and precious gems – or the very last word in fashion trends. After all, it is pretty well known that whenever you want something designed well, you go to the Italians. We reckon that this magazine is perfect for the airy socialite, being full of the most up to date news of effortless style for those who can afford it. The magazine itself is also a gorgeous piece, being excellently designed and produced to the highest quality, printed on some lovely paper and showing off a wonderful depth of colour in the photography.

The only problem might arise from the size. It is a pretty hefty collection of fashion and design, with the perfect bound spine – no staples, only a lovely, books style appearance large enough to feature a not insignificant QR code for the magazine’s website. However, we’re pretty confident this won’t be a problem – if you’re rich enough to afford the stunning style in Vioro, you can probably employ someone hold it and turn the pages for you. NB


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