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Classic Trains Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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WINTER,  released 17/11/2023
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Features: New York

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Next Issue: WIN/SPR, Due:15/12/2023
Classic Trains is a quarterly magazine which says itself that it wants to celebrate the ‘golden years of railroading’. The magazine is primarily concerned with the North American railroad scene from the 1920s all the way through until the 1970s. The magazine will feature proud steam giants, colourful streamliners, great passenger stations, local train lines with exciting unknown history as well as recollections of railroaders and train-watchers.

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We have so many magazines which focus on the classic or golden age of something here at Newsstand. And we say, why not celebrate the great technology and machinery from days gone by? This magazine will make you remember the good old classic days, when trains weren’t ridiculously expensive. (We won’t start a rant about train fares here but you all know what we are talking about).

Classic Trains magazine focuses on a time before trains lost their character and became more unified with less personality and odd sparkly lino floors and seats which are too close for comfort to your neighbouring passenger. Sadly, if you’re anything like us you will too always get stuck next to the sweaty large man who invades your side of the seat.

This magazine will contain fascinating stories of the history of the trains as well as interesting photography and anecdotes from people who remember what things used to be like. The magazine has been going now for over 10 years and it will consistently produce articles with the best quality and the most interesting features.

There have also been themed issues in the past such as special issues which focused on what it used to be like working on the railroad. The magazine contains personal photographs which gave a fascinating insight into the history of the train lines. If you are obsessed with vintage train lines and everything to do with classic trains then we recommend that you get your next fix from Classic Trains magazine.


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