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Britain At War Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL 24,  released 27/06/2024
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Next Issue: AUG 24, Due:25/07/2024

In the latest issue: From World War to World Cup, read about the busy RAF career of sports commentator Kenneth Wolstenholme.

Britain at War is the UK’s best-selling military history title, full of exciting accounts from first-hand testimonials, evidence and secret documents, this publication is an educating examination of Britain’s military history.

For both good and ill Britain has proved a world changing power, altering the destiny not only of itself but other nations and people and its military contributions deserve to be told. Whether the fighting was over the channel or in daring campaigns across the Middle East and Africa, Britain at War is the perfect addition for the history and military buffs collection.

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What’s the difference between a sung and an unsung hero? Well inevitably the unsung hero will be discovered thus entering the prestigious ranks of the sung. But if there’s one thing to draw from Britain at War is that heroes are heroes despite whether there are ballads written about them. This occasionally frightening but always endearing look into the history of Britain during its times in conflict examines the much known and little known areas of Britain’s various wars. Featuring testimonials and with access to first-hand evidence, this magazine offers an insightful look into the complex picture of a country at war.

Articles offering an insightful look of key and inconsequential events litter the pages of Britain at War, but all stories are equally fascinating. Proof that whether it is a story of a lone soldier charging into the breach or the selfless actions of civilians performing a highly dangerous rescue operation in enemy territory, there is inspiration to be drawn in a myriad of stories. Alongside its central pieces this magazine also reviews other media to allow anyone with a further interest to dive ever deeper into Britain’s tumultuous history. For the passionate patriot or amateur historian or simply if you have an interest however slight into how conflict has shaped our past, Britain at War could not be more highly recommended.


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