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History Today Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUN 24,  released 23/05/2024
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Features: D-Day

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Next Issue: JUL 24, Due:20/06/2024
History Today is a unique cultural institution, bringing the best in historical writing and research to a wide audience. The magazine created the concept of popular history, mixing styles, genres and periods to achieve a fusion of intellectual excitement and readability. History Today publishes essays on all periods, regions and themes of history, many of them by the world’s leading scholars. All are carefully edited and illustrated to make the magazine a pleasurable, as well as an informative, read.

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All the essays published in the magazine are carefully edited and illustrated to make the magazine a pleasurable, as well as an informative read. Readers who are true fans of history will love this magazine. This magazine would especially suit history students and scholars as well as those who are fascinated by historical events. The writers are distinguished scholars in their own field and readers can feel confident that they are reading reliable and independent research.

History Today magazine will contain history from all over the world and will not just focus on history of the UK. Readers can expect a diverse selection of essays and features. We particularly enjoyed reading about the history of more obscure areas of history that we didn’t learn about at school. It seems that all we remember from history lessons in school in the UK is learning about the more recent history of England. We didn’t learn enough about the history of countries another than our own. Thankfully this magazine provides a huge overview.

We enjoy reading about history these days, we like to be the history buff down at our local pub quiz! But when we were at school, history lessons were a bit of a bore! This magazine proves that history can be enjoyable and interesting if it is written in a fascinating and insightful way. We suggest that if you hated history at school you should get a copy of this magazine and see if you feel any different about it. History doesn’t have to be tedious, it can actually be fascinating! The magazine’s mantra is ‘what happened then matters now.’


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