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History Extra Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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AUG 24,  released 04/07/2024
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Next Issue: SEP 24, Due:01/08/2024
From the publishers of BBC History magazine comes a slick new title dedicated to opening the curtains on histories more obscure moments that have until now existed in the shadow of more widely known events. Billed as a new kind of history magazine, History Revealed hopes to bring colour and adventure to the romanticized and the dusty historical moments. Exposing the triumphs and tribulations of history’s greatest shapers and movers, this title is an exciting new entry among history magazines.

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An excellent new history magazine, History Revealed takes a fun twist from most history magazines which spread themselves too thin over a plethora of topics. Each issue is centred on one of history’s biggest events, and the rest of the magazines articles spiral out from there to piece together an increasingly clear and extraordinary picture of the past. It is that completeness that makes this such a compelling title, many history publications have a tendency to generalise and limit themselves because of the limitations of page space. In fact much historical coverage can be said to be guilty of this.

The way that History Revealed is set up however turns this paradigm upside-down. We begin with the popular event, but the layers of articles examining conjoined events, people and places make this an aptly titled magazine. That which was obscure, if it was even know about before, is thrown into the light giving readers a new appreciation for the intricate nature of history and how over-simplification is dangerously undermining our understanding of our past. For this reason alone we can’t wait to see where History Revealed goes in the future, whatever it is it’s sure to be fantastic.


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