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Ancient Warfare Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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VOL17/3,  released 03/07/2024
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Next Issue: VOL17/4, Due:13/08/2024
Ancient Warfare magazine is published in Holland. It is the only real paper magazine, and in full colour at that, about all aspects of warfare in the Ancient World. From the first warfare in the Ancient East up to the end of the Roman Empire in the west, this magazine will provide you with all the historical information on these exciting times for the ancient history fan to get stuck into. The creators mainly like to keep their focus on the classical Greek and Roman civilizations in particular.

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This magazine is an interesting history based magazine with a twist as it only focuses on a particular era of history when war was the name of the game and knights and warriors fought bravely for king and country. If you like your ancient history this magazine could be a fun way to get more of what you love. It is pretty unique and we think that you’d be hard pushed to find anything similar in the magazine market.

The magazine will contain complicated battle diagrams and interesting features on the battle clothing of the era as well as features on weaponry and recent findings which shed new light on recently obscure ancient battles. Ancient Warfare magazine will also provide interesting profiles on the most renowned leaders of the time including what happening during their lifetime and interesting anecdotes that many history fans may never have heard of before.

Ancient Warfare will also provide interesting review sections on anything from ancient books on Caesar, Alexander the great and other famous leaders to modelling kits which will allow you to build a life-like replica of figures from the period. We think that these sections are great because they can extend the readers interest to other hobbies which will also allow them to carry on their love of ancient history.


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