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Flight Journal Magazine

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6 issues per year.
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Current Issue

SPL 24,  released 24/11/2023
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Next Issue: JAN-FEB, Due:12/01/2024
Flight Journal magazine is a US publication and it is issued 6 times every year. The magazine has great articles on war planes which span the ages. Each issue features spellbinding ‘I was there’ combat stories which will be inspirational and heart warming. There is also stunning photography, intriguing and recently unknown aircraft data and so much more. The magazine claims that it provides an ‘aviation adventure in the past, present and future.’

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The Editor of Flight Journal magazine says himself that the lifeblood of the magazine is a combination of the experiences of those who have made aviation history and the photos of their exploits. This magazine will give a unique and personal viewpoint of the wars and military operations that heavily relied on the use of these amazing aircraft. The photographs will be stunningly vivid and clear so readers can get a great idea about what these machines were truly like in the flesh.

Unlike many textbooks, this magazine doesn’t just drone on with mindless facts and figures it brings the history alive by using people who were there to give the reader unknown experiences of the battles. It makes the whole experience much more human and less clinical and tedious. We wish that we had this magazine to flick through when we were studying history at school. It would have made the whole subject so much more exciting and relatable.

Sadly the aircraft and the people who flew them are becoming much older as time goes by. Soon there will sadly be no one left to give their first hand accounts of what the flying was really like. We think that we should treasure these journals because they will soon become very rare and most likely much more valuable. This magazine will provide insights and stories which would be tough to find in any other similar publication. Readers looking for more first hand accounts and real life tales from days gone by should get their hands on a copy of Flight Journal magazine.


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