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Gramophone Monthly Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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Current Issue

APR 24,  released 27/03/2024
(14 in stock)

Features: Neville Marriner, Dalia Stasevska, Lucas Debargue, Lotta Wennakoski

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Next Issue: MAY 24, Due:24/04/2024

In the latest issue: The great pianist Rachmaninov at 50.

Gramophone music magazine contains fascinating articles about the world of classical music. It will have reviews of classical CDs, the latest video releases as well as features on the best audio equipment and interviews with leading members of the genre. Gramophone will also often have a complimentary CD attached with it to give the reader that little something extra.

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This publication was established in 1923 according to the magazine’s front cover, it has been going now for positively ages. With such a long production time the magazine has given itself a chance to work out what really works for the magazine and what doesn’t. Readers can expect a slick and nicely presented publication.

The features will often be about the unsung heroes in the classical music sector. It will also contain interesting interviews with the top performers in the industry. Readers can get a delightful insight into the inner workings of the most talented musicians around at the moment.

There will a huge variety of recordings reviewed in each issue of Gramophone. Readers can also hear the best new releases online before anyone else by using the magazine’s website and special links to get a first hand sneak peak.

This magazine will be a breath of fresh air to those readers looking for an alternative music scene. Classical music is very different to much of the latest tunes dominating our music charts currently. Everyone knows of classic composers without probably realising how influential they actually are in today’s society. If you think classical music is old fashioned then think again. Doesn’t everyone know about Beethoven or Mozart today?

The great thing about classical music is that it never goes out of style like other forms of music. Anyone remember the old girl bands and boy bands of the 80’s? Didn’t think so! The fact is, many other styles of music will come and go but classical music will always remain popular and widely used in the media and the film industry for many more years to come.


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