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Athlon College Football Magazine

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Athlon College Football Magazine

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2 issues per year.
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2023-2,  released 25/07/2023
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A hugely comprehensive and impressively thorough American football publication fresh from the states, Athlon College Football takes a yearly look at the talent that will soon be making their names in the Pro Football NFL.

College football is huge in the US, and in recognition of that this magazine offers in depth previews and opinions on the potential season of all 124 FBS college teams – from the Air Force all the way down to Wyoming. It also offers opinion pieces on players and teams, and all the stats you could ever need.

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America is big. Wait, scratch that, America is massive. Really. It’s around 38 times the size of the UK, and has approximately 5-6 times the population. These things are hard to conceive of over here in little old England, but the USA is a country not only of size but of space.

That must be the reason why every college seems to be able to find the space for an American football field somewhere on their grounds. If America is massive, College football is huge – it is a highly followed, often televised sport that is loved by untold millions, and the vast majority of those in the NFL made their way there through the college system.

Because of the size, if you want to follow college football you need a good guide – and this is where Athlon College Football comes in. This is a comprehensive, thorough publication that offers an informed look at all 124 – yes, that’s right, 124 – teams from all the colleges, universities and military academies. Now, we’d have thought that the Army, Navy and Air Force would have been pretty good at football, with physical fitness being something that they should be good at, but apparently they are amongst some of the weakest teams. Ever supporters of the Underdog, we have decided to adopt the US Army as our team – though ‘go US Army!’ isn’t something we ever thought we would be cheering. NB


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