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Harpers Bazaar Magazine

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12 issues per year.
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JUL-AUG,  released 13/06/2024
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Features: Sienna Miller

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Harpers Bazaar magazine frequently does alternative covers for its issues. If it is a particular cover you are after please email us otherwise a random cover will be posted or occasionally will be listed in our Special Covers & Pre-orders Category.

Harpers Bazaar has a unique appeal to both the affluent and informed magazine reader. Harpers Bazaar is the essential luxury monthly magazine; identifying the must have, must know, must go for the reader, previously Harpers & Queen, it stands out from the other women’s glossies with some sheer intelligence and style.

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Queen magazine was formed in 1861 in the UK, merging with Harper’s Bazaar UK in the 1920’s to form Harpers & Queens. H&Q became a quintessential high society magazine, until the global drive of Hearst magazines in the US renamed it as Harper’s Bazaar UK sometime in the 1990’s.

Don’t say we never tell you anything interesting.

To us, it’ll always be the quintessential British fashion magazine (although why the word quintessential is the only one ever used in these circumstances, we will never know). Harpers has always had a lot less of your sex stories and the like that most fashion magazines contain, and this, along with Tatler, sets it apart from the others.

Sad, then, that it’s now just another outlet for Hearst magazines, and not an independent fashion magazine from the UK that we can all still be proud of. Still, can’t keep banging on about globalistation especially when there are so many underground/groovy independent magazines still shifting around in the UK. A lot of them are at Newsstand - we try to give both big and small publications the same amout of light and air to flourish and thankfully, our Newsstand bestsellers list is COMPLETELY different to the list of magazines that might be on the industries' list. One day we’ll publish it, makes interesting reading and has the best reads all at the top, not the ones with the biggest marketing budget.

PS. Nothing wrong with Hearst, honest guv’nor.


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